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Your first form

Print thomas.ranhem 4/28/2016
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Step 2 - Create a new Form

In this guide, we will create a Form which invites you to an information meeting. The information meeting will be held at three days where the respondent will only be able to choose to go on one of the options.

We will use a template, personal data, which we will edit and customize to our needs.

  1. Log in with your username and password
  2. Press the New Form and select "New entry form". Use Personal data template for your form.
  3. Rename the form to the "Information meeting". Then Create
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  4. Select the title and change the text. Same thing with the body..
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  5. Pull in a Single selection from the toolbar. Change the title of envalsfrågan to "Choose your briefing"
  6. Change the options and enter the date and time for your occasions.
  7. Taken the option select "Add" or press Tab
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  8. Make the question to mandatory by clicking the Mand.button.
  9. Make also First name and Surname mandatoryas well.
  10. Remove the "Postal" and "Zip" by selecting and then click trash for each question.
  11. Add E-mail to which forces the repondent to fill in. This is useful if you want to, for example, sending an automatic message to the person responsible.
  12. Save the form.
  13. Then click on the "View" tab.
  14. There you find your link to the form that you send or publish on the web!

Next Step: The form settings