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Share forms with other people

There are tho ways to deal with the rights of common fotms : 

1. Via a folder 

2. On the form itself 

The advantagt to set permissions on a folder is that the aext time yoo create a fore in the samenfelder, it will get the came rights that areaset on the folder. You can create the form in your own folder if you want , and then drag the form to the desired folder. Yor caf also create form in the public folder directly.


You only have the option to create a folder on the third level.



Once you have created the folder that you wished you can then start adding your rights.

1. Select the folder .

2. Click Chakge ( Change )



Click on the Add user check DB User.



Then find out the name of the person you want to add and click OK . ( If you have multiple NAME then hold down the CTRL key and select the desired name) You will then return to the previous page. Select the name and choose the rights that the person should have


You have the following options:

Allow- Disallow


You have theee options:to set permissions : 

Core - Manage the form itself 

Pia - Obbolete 

Proof - Manage the responsos r ceived in a proof .




If you share a form with some others who shall have full rights as you do the following settings:


Here it is enough to check the FULL options to get full access.        



Check with your colleagues before you change so that no other changes at the same time. It’s possible to save over another ones work. Therefore, you should remember that Close your form when you are ready just in case someone else to access and change.